Will Maclean RSA
5th August - 16th September

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Renowned Scottish artist Will Maclean RSA will be exhibiting a series of mixed media work which has all been completed over the last decade.

“They have in common references to the sea, fishing and the narratives of fishermen and women in the north west of Scotland,” he says.

Some of the references in the work will be the focus of ‘People and Places of Skye and Lochbroom’, an illustrated talk by the artist on August 18 at the Ceilidh Place Venue. He will speak about the individuals and communities that feature from Tanera Mor to Skye, including Polbain, Ullapool and Lochbroom.

This will be a unique opportunity to fathom the character of people and landscape that form the bedrock of his work.

Critic and writer Duncan Macmillan once wrote of Maclean, “One of the outstanding artists of his generation in Scotland... his art is rooted in his knowledge of the highlands, the Highland people and their history and in his own early associations with sailors and the sea. This makes it relevant and immediately accessible, yet it remains uncompromisingly modern in its forms and concerns.”

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An Talla Solais is honoured to count Will as one of its Patrons and – as part of this exhibition – his collage ‘Another Autumn‘ will be offered in a silent auction with all proceeds going to fund our work.