An Talla Solais is led by a committed group of volunteers playing a wide range of roles, some formal and many informal.  As a small charity with no core funding, our volunteers make our work possible.

We’d love to hear from you if you would like to help out here now and again or on a regular basis, with sitting for shows, maintenance, events, fundraising, finances, publicity, curating and hanging exhibitions – or maybe you have an art project of your own that you’d like to run through ATS. 

 At present we are especially looking for:

  • Volunteers to help oversee the installation of our new kiln and ensure it is running smoothly for public use
  • Sitters to welcome visitors to our exhibitions
  • A team to oversee exhibition openings for an evening every month or two (serving drinks etc)
  • A small team to help hang the West Coast Open show in late May

An Talla Solais is a friendly and supportive organisation, so this is a great opportunity to enjoy some creative fellowship and make art happen!