Travelling Light: 20th April to 19th May 2013

an exhibition and art activities inspired by the sailor's ditty box

David Cass,  Time Pulls, Time Pools II  (detail)

David Cass, Time Pulls, Time Pools II (detail)

A ditty box is the handful of possessions traditionally carried by northern sailors on their sea voyages. Inspired by Orkney sculptor John Cumming's work relating to the ditty box, An Talla Solais has invited a group of six artists from seafaring Scotland to create work based on the ditty box and its contemporary relevance.  This unique show brings together John Cumming (Orkney), David Cass (Edinburgh), Ian Stephen and Christine Morrison (Lewis), Will Maclean (Dundee / Polbain), Peter White (Ullapool), and Frances Pelly (Orkney). 

Alongside the exhibition will be a series of activities including opportunities to sail a traditional Hebridean fishing boat, learn boatbuilding techniques and make your own 21st century ditty box.  The artwork made during the show will form its own exhibition, growing and changing as the project progresses. 

The Travelling Light project is supported by Creative Scotland.


View or download the Travelling Light catalogue here.  The catalogue is for sale at An Talla Solais for £3.