Artist statement and summary of experience

This section of the proposal should include a short narrative about your current practice together with a summary of your artistic experience and achievements to date. 

Please remember to include your contact details including address, email, phone and, where applicable, website address.  Please also note that, for group shows, this section should be submitted for each exhibiting artist.

The suggested length for the artist statement is about 200 words and, overall, this section should not exceed one side of A4 for each artist.

In writing your statement you might like to consider:

·       Why you create your art and what it means to you.

·       The central themes and ideas in your current practice.

·       The techniques/media you use and why.

In writing about your experience, please include where possible:

·       Relevant education and qualifications.

·       Relevant professional experience and previous exhibitions, both group and solo.

·       Details of any awards received including grants, prizes and residences.