The selection process and timing of submissions


The review of proposals and selection of the final exhibition programme is the responsibility of the ATS Programme Group, comprising practising artists as well as ATS staff and board members.  Selection takes place roughly a year in advance (that is, selection for exhibitions in 2020 will take place in spring/summer 2019).

Proposals for exhibitions at ATS are accepted all year round and, unless otherwise indicated, there are no specific deadlines. However, the Programme Group will aim to select a shortlist in April and finalise its choice of exhibitions for the following year’s programme in June.  With this timing in mind, you should aim to submit your proposal by the end of March to ensure that it is included for consideration by the Group.   Please note that proposals received after the end of March - or proposals that are considered incomplete - will be considered only at the discretion of the Programme Group.

Due to the high number of submissions received, not all applications will be successful.  ATS will aim to contact all artists to let them know the Programme Group’s decisions as soon as possible after the shortlisting has taken place or following the Group’s final selection in early summer.  Those artists not selected may be asked for permission to retain their proposals on file for 24 months as proposals may be revisited if there are unexpected schedule openings, for example, or opportunities arise with relevant themes of community or regional interest. The Programme Group might also suggest that some proposals would be better grouped together or suggest the addition of an additional, invited artist into the mix.  The artist’s (or artist group’s) permission for such changes to proposals will always be sought in advance of selections being finalised.

Artists are asked to indicate the availability of their artwork within the main proposal and, in doing so, they may request a particular slot in the timetable, if successful.  Please note that, while ATS will aim to address such matters where possible, the timetable is at the sole discretion of ATS.  We also regret that given the numbers of submissions, we are unable to offer detailed feedback on the evaluation discussions and conclusions or continued correspondence on the matter.   

We appreciate your patience and flexibility and look forward to receiving your proposal.