the exhibition proposal

Maximum length: one side of A4                                             

The exhibition proposal should offer a synopsis of the main concept of your exhibition, with focus on its appearance, theme and/or topic, the target audience, what the exhibition aims to achieve and why it would be appropriate for it to be exhibited at ATS. You should also indicate if there are any financial implications (for example, are you raising all the finances needed to put on the exhibition or would you require financial input from ATS.)

In writing your proposal, you might also like to consider:

·       A suitable title or working title.

·       If the artwork is a current body of work or is it to be created especially for the exhibition.

·       The genre of the artwork, including media/materials, and any health and safety implications of which ATS should be aware.

·       The size of the artwork, the wall and/or floor space required and how it will be placed inside the gallery.

·       Specialist equipment needed - for example, projectors, screens, audio/visual etc. - and if you would plan to provide this yourself.

·       Possible events that might accompany the show - for example, workshops, artist talk or presentations - as well as any educational or community outreach opportunities.

·       Any time restrictions on the availability of the proposed exhibition.

·       If the artwork would be for sale.

A template of the artist agreement document used by ATS can be found here, a description of the gallery and exhibition space can be found here and floor plans and wall elevations are here.  You may find these useful in preparing your proposal.

Note also that it is expected that there will be minor changes to the original proposal and the ATS Exhibitions Coordinator will work with artists to fine tune both the exhibition details and resource requirements in the months leading up to the show. However, it is important that you include what information you can in proposal, so that the selection panel have a clear undertstanding of what is being proposed.