Family Snap by Ortonandon

Congratulations to Ortonandon who were recently shortlisted for a Collaboration Award by Creative Edinburgh.  Follow the link below to see a clip of Family Snap performed in An Talla Solais at the opening night of Over the Culture Culture in September 2014.

Creative Place Awards Ceremony Tonight!

Good luck goes out to the representatives of the Creative Ullapool Consortium - Joan from the Ullapool Book Festival, Catriona from the Ullapool Museum, Fran from the Macphail Centre and our own Joanna from An Talla Solais - as they travel down to the Palace Theatre in Kilmarnock for the Creative Place Awards Ceremony tonight.

Well done so far, and best wishes tonight!



Is this Scotland's best Advent Calendar?

We just had to put this photograph on our Newsflash page, firstly because it is simply brilliant and secondly to highlight Ullapool's hidden creative talent.

All the plaudits go to Robbie and Katherine for making this wonderful turkey advent calendar stuffed full of treats.

If this inspires you to get creative this Christmas then feel free to send photo's of your festive masterpieces to 

Advent Calendar 2013  (1).JPG

You are being watched....

Some of Alex Stevenson's (artist in residence at ATS) Willow creatures are currently on display in 'Westering Home'. Have a peek through the window at the three headed swan beast - and the boards head which Alex wore to Britain's remotest location. To find out more about Alex and his work click on the link to his Facebook page on our homepage.

A big thank you to Ken McNaughton for allowing us to use 'Westering Home' as a display space this winter.

WILLOW 1.jpg


The Earth Fins and Fire Launch due to take place on Tuesday 29th October at 1.20pm has been postponed until FRIDAY 8TH NOVEMBER AT 1.20PM.

We apologise for the delay - caused by the bad weather over the weekend - but hope to see you on Friday the 8th of November at 1.20pm for the unveiling of the stunning shoal of ceramic fish created during the Earth Fins and Fire project this summer.

Everyone is welcome - fingers crossed for some dry weather!

Artists in Residence go wild...

Check out the Events and Workshops page for Alex Stevenson's open studio days, call in and see him before he embarks on an ambitious expedition with one of his willow creations to the remotest place in mainland Britain....

Meanwhile, if you find any oranges on the shore printed with a code and the words littoralartroject then please email Julia Barton (Artist in residence returning in November) - She is mapping the movement of sea litter from the point of origin to its final destination using the if you find one email and play a vital role in this fascinating project...

Alex S - Willow 006.jpg

Ullapool littoral Beach Survey, 30th Sept - 35kg of litter found!

With the help of seven volunteers artist Julia Barton surveyed 100 metres of the North East Shore below Pollan Park. A productive and enjoyable morning was spent collecting materials which had either been dropped or washed up.

An incredible 35kg of waste material was collected, the statistics from this survey will be fed into the national figures for the Marine Conservation Society's beach litter survey. 

For more information on Julia and her fascinating project please visit

made made materials.jpg

Loopallu Golden Coin Treasure Hunt Winners!

The crew of the An Talla Solais pirART Tent would like to thank everyone who came along and took part in our activities, with special thanks to all those intrepid treasure hunters who made the search for the golden and bronze coins such fun - we had no idea how successful it would be!

Here are the proud winners of the Golden Coins with their families, each winner receiving a Loopallu T-shirt and CD -  Well done! 

Loopallu PirART Tent 001.jpg

RSA Open Exhibition

If anyone would like to submit work to the RSA Open Exhibition 2013 we have the necessary Entry Forms and information on Regulations.  The Royal Scottish Academy is on the mound in Edinburgh and a great place to get your work noticed.  Drop by to pick the forms up or find out more, we are open from 10 am untill 4 pm everyday.

PirART fun at the Summer Isles Festival!

A great time was had by all at the Summer Isles Festival last Saturday - the art activities organised by An Talla Solais and run by Lesley Strachan had a super response - as can be see by young Sandy making his clay coin for the Loopallu treasure hunt!

Remember to check our Events and Workshops page for more exciting pirART activities during the run up to Loopallu!

Summer Isles photo.jpeg

Hook, line & sinker

Seahorses, sharks and starfish - we're falling for them all as they continue to be created for the Leisure Centre's sculpture in our Earth Fins & Fire project. 


Ceramics artist Allison Weightman is working with local primary schools to make more fish to add to the enormous shoal.  These images are from today's workshop at Ullapool Primary.  High school students will make the final creations next week, and then the community is invited to come and glaze the shoal before its final firing.  Sept 7th and 8th from 10am - 4pm - please drop in - there are a LOT of fish to beautify! 

Dawn Chorus

A flock of birds has just landed in An Talla Solais! 

Drop in to An Talla Solais to see Chorus the community art project organised by the Macphail Centre open 10am to 4pm from 22/07/13 to 30/07/13.


Sea Litter

Artist Julia Barton will come to Ullapool this autumn to start a project on sea litter. She will survey and catalogue the sea litter on our shores, before working with the local schools to develop the first stage of the project. She has made an application to Creative Scotland and aims to raise £600 matchfunding through Crowdfunder. Sponsors of her project will receive original artworks so this is a great way to support an innovative project and acquire something beautiful to hang on your wall!

littoral.high tide line.j barton.jpg

Of boats and boat builders

Two great talks coming up this week in Ullapool. Tonight is all about boatbuilding: Alec Jordan will talk about the history of the St Ayres skiff and Michael Brolly will talk about Sephira the musical ark. That's in the Macphail Centre at 7.30pm.

Then, on Thursday, Neville Gabie, Emma Dove and Becky Thompson, the creative team behind 'About a Boat' will talk about their artist's film which follows the story of Coigach's new skiff Lily-Rose . Ceilish Place Clubhouse, 6-7pm, Thiursday 11th July.

Sephira, the musical ark, is a St Ayres skiff which has been adapted to play whale music!

Sephira, the musical ark, is a St Ayres skiff which has been adapted to play whale music!

Row row row that boat

Skiff week couldn't have dawned more beautifully!  ATS is looking forward lots to seeing you at our drop-in art workshops on the pier this week (come release your tension by doing some raku firing, or calm your spirits by getting absorbed in some printmaking...).  And back at base we have dozens of tiny boats & co to gaze at in our Voyage exhibition.

The Voyage begins

The Voyage fundraising exhibition is almost ready to be unveiled.  Please join us on Friday night (21st June) from 6-8pm for the silent auction's kick-off, and for the preview of Andrew Mackenzie's beautiful paintings in Approaching the Verge, this summer's big solo exhibition. 

Sneak preview... 

Sneak preview... 

Good enough to bottle

The sound of great northern divers, the smell of the spice market in Aleppo or of the rain before it falls - these are some of the many essences of people's travels that they have distilled in ATS's Travelling Light workshops.  The project is now over and the many boxes, luggage labels, bags etc made during its activities and exhibited in the gallery are now here at ATS for their makers to collect.

A big thank you to all of you who've taken part - we wish you well in your new sailing / carpentry / travelling careers... send us a postcard!