Welcome to 2016's 'small squares' exhibition at An Talla Solais.  Now an annual event, this exhibition invites ATS Members and supporters to submit miniature pieces of artwork on a theme.  This year the theme is Exquisite Bodies and we have over 200 pieces of beautiful artwork made by supporters across the country.  The squares will auctioned in a silent auction from 19th August to 12th September (5pm), and any that are not bid for will be up for sale from 13th September to 2nd October.  The funds go straight to ATS's core work: hosting exhibitions and running events that let people connect with art. 


This year for the first time you can bid online!  Follow either of the links below (please note bidding instructions beneath):

See the full collection of Exquisite Bodies on facebook

See the full collection of Exquisite Bodies on dropbox



Each miniature masterpiece is numbered so if you would like to bid then please send a message stating the photo number of your heart's desire(s) followed by a brief description of the piece to help with identifying, how much you would like to bid and an email address/contact details.  Messages can be sent through facebook or email to marketing@antallasolais.org or info@antallasolais.org. Or pop into the Gallery to see any pieces up close and place your bid there, as well as make your own crazy body with our magnetic body parts! We will confirm any bids received online have been placed.

Thank you so much for your support, and good luck!