an exhibition by Peter White

21 July to 8 September

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A mark in the sand, a hollow in the earth, a line of text

A photograph, a book, a building

A memory held in paint or wood or stone

On a mountain, on a shelf, in a box

A hidden place

A foothold  from where to stand and look behind, look ahead

On the edge, between this world and another.


A powerful body of work from artist Peter White opens this weekend at the An Talla Solais Gallery in Ullapool.  Alongside paintings, drawings, installations and texts, 'Memorial' features a series of new work in the form of painted memorial stones which Peter began working on nearly two years ago. Collecting stones from the hills he walks in, he paints on them and eventually returns them to the summit of the hill they came from in memory of people who have died.  

Peter says: "The process started with the idea of walking and making work in memory of people who I have personally known. The project has since grown and now I give some of the painted stones to other people. They can name their own dead and keep the stones for a while before giving them back to me to be returned to the land."

More information on the Memorial Stones Project - including details of how you can participate in the project - is available here.

A review of the exhibition, written by Ian Mackay and published in the Northern Times on 3 August, is available here.