impossible colonies

15 september to 27 october

Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte

installation 1.jpg

A utopian land within another country is the setting for this fascinating and thought-provoking installation from Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte, a Lithuanian artist based in Glasgow. Impossible Colonies takes its starting point from a 1920s utopian project called Dausuva. Dausuva was the idea of geographer and diplomat Kazys Pakstas who proposed moving the entire nation of Lithuania to a safe place overseas because of geopolitical tensions with neighbouring Russia. Pakstas considered locations like Madagascar Quebec, Belize, Angola, Venezuela and – with a poignant echo given their recent disastrous climate events – Brazil and the Bahamas. He even visited these places to meet with local authorities and discuss buying or leasing land to resettle as a peaceful colony. 

Impossible Colonies combines elements of photography, printmaking and sculptural objects to explore alternative scenarios through the future seen in the past. By taking a nearly century old utopian project out of its geographical and political conditions and opening it up to the current global context this work invites us to imagine a new direction. Its themes of identity, migration and memory are especially resonant given the current social and political situation with Brexit.   

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An Talla Solais is proud to show Kotryna’s work as part of FLOW Photofest, the international photography festival of the Highlands and Islands, which is taking place across a number of venues.


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