Portfolio of images

Please include five to ten images which relate directly to the proposal or are representative of the work to be shown.  If you would like to provide additional examples of your artwork, please feel free to include an online link (for example, a website and/or blog).

The images chosen for your proposal should be high quality and large enough to help the selection panel to get a good sense of the work that you plan to show.  If the artwork has not yet been created, please include images of similar past work together with sketches of planned work. 

Size, format and submission of images

In order that we are able to produce high quality printable images of your work, and that the images are in a format that is easily transferable, please ensure your image files are submitted as large format, .JPG files. Suggested resolution would be 300dpi and about 5,000 pixels wide.

The files will be too large to send by email so we recommend that you use WeTransfer.com to send your images in batches (available to download for free). Note that sending images by email can end up with image compression and loss of detail.

If you are experiencing any problems in formatting or sending you images, please contact Victoria Caine, ATS Exhibitions Coordinator, at victoria@antallasolais.org