Grammar of Wavelength
1st April - 7th May

An exhibition by collaboration artist, Stephen | Morrison, inspired by shared journeys and including film, text and painting.

Writer, poet and storyteller, Ian Stephen, and visual artist, Christine Morrison, have been travelling together for several years from their home port of Stornoway. They have responded, in language, mark-making and painting, to their travels on the sea and on the land.

'grammar of wavelength' shows work by Stephen Morrison - their ongoing collaboration - based on these journeys. The work has also led to artists' books and mainstream publications, which are also represented in the exhibition.

A main body of work is based on sailing their own sloop El Vigo to outlying islands. These include The Shiants, St Kilda, Shetland and Fair Isle. This is offset by their responses to travels abroad, deep inland as well as coastal explorations. Projects and residencies have taken them westwards to the Canadian Prairies and into the southern hemisphere to Tasmania. 

The exhibition also features two publications: 

Maritime, new and selected poems by Ian Stephen with images by Christine Morrison (Saraband 2016); and

Waypoints, seascapes and stories from Scotland’s west coast by Ian Stephen and illustrated by Christine Morrison - an "enchanting and lyrical" adventure memoir of sea journeys. (Bloomsbury/Adlard Coles 2017)