Dolphin Arts Project

We bring people together for weekly art sessions to creatively support those living with dementia, their families and friends. Artists and volunteers join us to share pleasure in making things and we’ve formed friendships that help keep people in the heart of our caring community.


The arts provide a range of ways of exploring and expressing ideas, moods, emotions and experiences. The arts have a vocabulary that can be non-verbal, allowing for communication that is unspoken but clearly deeply felt. The arts are sensory, tactile, can engage all the senses. They can invite physical, emotional, spiritual responses. And when memory and cognition are compromised by dementia, arts experiences can work with peoples imaginations and emotions - connecting people to themselves and to each other in profound and meaningful ways.

In addition to our weekly meeting, we hold monthly sessions in each of the two care homes and have a monthly discussion in the gallery or museum where participants meet to talk about the work on display.

We’re currently supported by Life Changes Trust and Big Lottery Scotland who are inspiring us to help Ullapool become a dementia friendly community and explore ways to sustain our group in the long term.

For more information please contact Anne-Marie Quinn, Project Coordinator on