a micro exhibition of artworks responding to the topic of coastal change


Isak Anshelm, Julia Barton, Chris Bryant, Stuart Cairns, Becky Campbell, Pin-Erh Chen, Craig Dow, Gair Dunlop, Lily Hassioti, Caroline McGonigal, Lar MacGregor, Lauren McBride, Martyn McKenzie, Kevin Andrew Morris, Jose-Luis Ochoa, Ellis O’Connor, Katie Parkin, Vivian Ross-Smith, Christine Sloman, Daisy Williamson

Not all of the work selected for Coast will be on show at any one time and works will be rotated during the exhibition. The thumbnails below show the collection in its entirety. Click on images for further details about each work.

Further details of all the artists can be found in this booklet. (Copies of the booklet are also available to view in the gallery.)

All images copyright © 2019 the artist