6 april to 19 may

Featuring artworks with a botanical theme by Academicians of the Royal Scottish Academy or Art and Architecture.

A full list of the artwork on show in this exhibition is available here.

Ian McKay, editor of Art North, has written about the exhibition in the magazine’s latest blog, which can be found here.

Poster Botanical A4 Amended.jpg

“The Royal Scottish Academy is very pleased to collaborate with An Talla Solais on this presentation of paintings, prints and sculpture investigating the plant world. 

When developing the original exhibition ‘Winter Flowers’ for the programme at the RSA in Edinburgh, we thought long and hard about representing the breadth of practice by Academicians from across Scotland. These artists’ fascination with the natural world, and their depiction and presentation of this research are small links in a long chain of connection and reinterpretation of our natural environment.

Inviting these artists to exhibit gives us a brief glimpse into their studio practice and research and it is very exciting to enable the visitors at An Tallas Solais another glimpse at this new Springtime exhibition in Ullapool. 

From sensitive drawings, through colour and monochrome prints to robust sculpture, the exhibition aims to let us reflect upon our own relationship with plants, experiencing them and enjoying them in our parks, gardens, countryside and homes. 

Medicine, food, drinks, textiles and many more everyday components of our daily lives have their source in the plant world so we hope that these works will inspire, enrich and excite the gallery visitors whom encounter them.” 

Colin R Greenslade

Director, The Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture

March 2019