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An Talla Solais seeks believers

Arts charity in straitened times seeks believers for long-term relationship.  Determined, often beautiful, warmer than before, An Talla Solais would like to meet partners to share artistic adventures over years to come.  Romance not essential - but who knows where the future might lead??

An Talla Solais (Ullapool Visual Arts) knows its activities are not at the top of every funder's list: we don't do medical research; we don't provide food aid.  We can't count on government support in these days of cuts.

But we believe that we bring something essential to Ullapool and the NW highlands, and that people of all backgrounds and ages can be made richer by having art among them. 

Art can open minds, make you laugh, inspire passions and lift your spirits.  It can entertain you, challenge you, or give you a different grasp of what it means to be human.  An Talla Solais is all about bringing inspiring art into this community and letting people get involved in it.  We believe we'd be poorer without it.

In order to survive financially, we are looking for a group of individuals to believe alongside us, making a monthly donation of £5 or £12, ideally over three years.  Such support is part of our plan for development: we will continue to raise grants and generate income, but the support of individuals will always be very important to us.

These donations are at at the heart of our work, making it possible for us to be secure so that we can go on bringing great art to Ullapool, helping artists young and old to develop and enabling people to be inspired and enthused.

At present we have around 30 Associates making regular donations through the scheme, from £5 to £100 a month.  Would you consider joining them?

If you can help us, or if you'd like to know more about how to be one of these ATS Associates please contact Joanna at / 01854612310 and we will send you details.

The maths: we are seeking support of

£5 per month

£12 per month

£20 per month

£45 per month

£100 per month

With Gift Aid on some donations this will help us raise the core £5000 we need each year to enable to ATS to continue bringing art to Ullapool.  THANK YOU for helping us get there.

We can take regular monthly payments on a subscription basis by credit, debit card or paypal.

We can take one-off online donations by Visa debit or credit card, Mastercard and American Express.


If you would prefer to set up a standing order through your bank, email for An Talla Solais's bank account details. If you would like us to claim gift aid on your gift, please let us know in your email.

Thank you – mòran taing – we are very grateful indeed for your support.