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Workshop: Jewellery for Change with Chloe Lewis

A half-day workshop creating jewellery with a twist.

Climate change, both the reality and the idea, can feel overwhelming. But the point of this workshop is to move from a state of helplessness into a more positive mindset, one that sees climate change in a slightly different way. It bridges a gap between thinking and action by inviting the viewer of an exhibition to become a co-participant in the making.

Following an introduction to her work, Chloe Lewis, a contemporary art jeweller whose work is on show during ATS's Murmur exhibition, will lead a low impact jewellery workshop, reminding us that ordinary things – shells, stones, seaweed, driftwood, and other found materials – can be as precious, perhaps more so, than the high impact materials commonly used in contemporary jewellery.

The workshop will include a beach walk to gather materials and assistance in crafting those materials into a precious piece of jewellery, at once a daily reminder and conversation piece about climate change.

The question we will be asking is whether, in an era of climate change and climate breakdown, a new – or perhaps old – way of thinking about jewellery – its relationship to the natural world and the values it represents – can cast a different light on the choices we face in response to climate change.

Cost: £5 per person (£4.50 for ATS Members), £2.50 concessions.  Places are limited so booking is essential: please contact Geraldine on  The workshop will start in the ATS Gallery, and will finish at the ATS Studios on Market Street.

This workshop will run as part of our Murmur exhibition, showing at the gallery in August and September thanks to support from the Ceilidh Place, Creative Scotland and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.