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another magnificent Under the Bed sale!

Come grab yourself a bargain!  ATS artists from Marian Leven to Celia Garbutt are having a Christmas clear-out and you have the opportunity to grab a previously hidden masterpiece.  Come along to our Community Art Room on Saturday to see (and buy) previously unseen work by local artists.  Doors open at 10am - the very keen might be found queuing in advance...

Here's how it works.

* - Think "artistic jumble sale"!

* - Pick out from your plan chest, wardrobe, portfolio, sock drawer etc pieces of work, be they experiments, abandoned, spare or whatever.

* - Make sure that you are prepared to part with them and you are happy for other people to have them and possibly put them on display!

* - Put a price on everything. Pick a price that is aimed to sell - otherwise it might be coming back to you!  We're proposing 50% of the sale fees go to you and 50% percent goes to ATS.

* - Write your name and the price on the back of the artwork in pencil.

* - Bring your collection along to ATS Community Art Room on the morning of Saturday 6th December - we'll be open from 9.00 - 10am for receiving stuff.

* - You'll be given a "folder" made from a piece of newsprint in which to put your work; please write your name on the front.

* - Give us an address to send your earnings to.

* - Put your folder on the table in the Community Art Room

* - The sale will start at 10:00 am - hang around and buy yourself a bargain from someone else's collection!

* - Sales will be by cash or cheque, made payable to ATS.

* - At the end of the day, come back and collect whatever hasn't sold (which will be nothing, of course!) - or it can be picked up on Sunday from 10am - 4pm.  Please note that we can't store your work beyond Sunday.

* - ATS will tally up the money that has been taken and send a cheque to you for your cut (feel free to re-donate this if you want to!)

Whereas this idea was originally designed for works on paper, we're going to have a go at taking any and all submissions - we'll see what turns up!


* - Make sure you're happy for someone to put a work on display.

* - Price works to sell.

See you there!