The Room - current exhibition

list of works

Further details for all artists exhibiting in The Room during 2018 can be found here or if you would like any further information about any of the work shown in the current exhibition, please email  


Cate Inglis

Inaccessible                     Monoprint & oil on board 70cm x 40cm                  £1,400 

Outbuilding                      Monoprint & oil on board 61cm x 39cm                £1,250

Grey Boards                     Monoprint & oil on board 112cm x 81cm                £2,500

Ade Adesina

Gravity                            Woodcut 92cm x 61cm.                 £950

Contradiction                   Etching 105cm x 75cm                  £950

Twenty Sixteen                Woodcut 92cm x 61cm                  £950

Light House                      Etching 23cm x 21cm.                  £420

Reflections                       Etching 23cm x 21cm.                  £420

Road to Riches.   Linocut  112cm x 76cm.                £1200 

The View After The Questions Linocut 109cm x 168cm            £3,500

Ade Adesina/Tomasz Wrobel

Grotto ii      Linocut 104cm x 84cm                   £1300

Joan Doerr

The Call                           15cm x 21cm                £350

The Associates                15cm x 21cm                £350

The Final Screen             30cm x 30cm                £600

Lime Time                       15cms x 21cms             £375

Stepping Out                   80cm x 65cm                £2,500

Meet the Greens              15cm x 21cm                £375 

The Separation                20cm x 20cm                £375

keith salmon

Towards The Bridge Of Orchy Hills From Ghlas Bheinne Acrylic and Pastel 76cm x 23cm               £1,250

Towards The Blackmount Oil on Canvas 80cm x 80cm                     £2,400

A Coigach Landscape, January Acrylic and Pastel 30cm x 30cm               £750


Mary Bourne

Two Moons                         Roofing slates on board 57cm x 57cm x 4cm                      £800

Tracks                            Cumbrian slate 1.2cm x 30cm x 40cm                                £600

Blood Moon Reflected        Red travertine  4cm x 35cm x 35cm                                   £600

Rub                             Marble, granite, flagstone 18cm x 28cm x 17cm                 £650