The Room - current exhibition

Listed below are details of all the works currently showing in The Room.  

If you would like any further information about the exhibition, please email or click here for details of all the artists exhibiting in The Room in 2018.


Allan MacDonald


The Grey One, Torridon                   Oil on canvas                                                               £2,000

Cul Mhor, Cul Beag, Winter Gold     Oil on canvas                                                               £3,000

Cul Mhor, Late Snow                        Oil on canvas                                                               £2,500


Christopher Wood 


Down the Other Air          Acrylic & mixed media on board                    122cm x 91cm          £4,200

Water’s Edge                    Acrylic & collage on panel                             30cm x 25cm            £1,400

Foreshore                         Acrylic on board                                           21cm x 15cm               £850

Sound of Gulls                  Acrylic on panel                                            46cm x 30cm            £1,500

Rain at Sea                       Acrylic & collage on panel                              51cm x 46cm            £2,100

Sticks and Stones             Acrylic, mixed media & collage on panel         122cm x 62cm          £3,200


Kirstie Cohen


Cloud Rising                    Oil on board                                                   55cm x 51cm            £1,455


Joan Doerr


The Welcome                   Acrylic & pencil  on board                               20cm x 20cm               £375


Joseph Calleja


imcaqlaq #113.4            Found frame with glass                                                                        NFS